John Jorgenson Quintet

Ultraspontane [J2]
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Jorgenson’s latest foray into Djangoland finds the gypsy jazzmaster laying down La Pompe and beaucoup hot licks on ’39 and ’42 Selmers, a mid-’30s short-scale D-hole Selmer, a ’95 Dupont, and assorted Gitane John Jorgenson signature model guitars. Accompanying him are rhythm guitarist Gonzalo Bergara, 5-string violist Stephan Dudash, bassist Charlie Chadwick, and various percussionists. The Nashville Chamber Orchestra String Quartet also joins the party on a few cuts. Jorgenson wrote everything except Django’s “Improvisation #1” and “Improvisation #2,” and “Don’t Worry About Me” (featuring vocalist Beryl Davis, who recorded it with Django in 1938). There are fairly traditional -sounding pieces, such as the upbeat burner “El Camino del Che,” along with more contemporary sounding works, such as “G Funk” and “Bossa Orpheum.” The guitar playing is magnificent throughout, but particularly so on the 2:09 “Ultraspontane (Intro),” performed solo on the ’39 Selmer.
—Barry Cleveland