Joe Hill

“It’s ridiculous to question the relevancy of guitar-oriented music, because the guitar is still a totally futuristic instrument. Recorded music itself is only about 100 years old, and the electric guitar hasn’t even been around that long. Charlie Christian-style archtops still sell, and even something as radical as a Parker Fly is essentially a modified Stratocaster.

Segovia-style classical guitars are still in demand, and, remember, Jerry Lee Lewis did something exciting with the acoustic piano when it had been around for hundreds of years. Some people complain that music isn’t as good these days, but not me. I think modern music is in great shape. There are guys who push the envelope texturally, and who play non-traditionally, such as Tom Morello. There are even guys who are playing guitars through laptops. I’m excited to finally be getting into the whole computer-recording thing myself, and I feel so fortunate just to be in a professional and talented band. I’m a more straightforward player with a guitar and an amp. That will still be relevant in 100 years, because it’s really about creating something personally fulfilling, and something that touches people.”