Jinx Jones

Rumble & Twang [Home Braend]

Although the title may lead you to believe Jones’ second album as leader is a tried-and-true, countrified rockabilly rave-up, that is only part of what the Bay Area-based guitarist is putting down. Mixed in with his own well-crafted tunes, which ably straddle the rockabilly/honky-tonk divide, and Johnny Horton’s “I’m Coming Home,” are surf standards (“Baja” and “Penetration”), the Western swing standby “Swedish Pastry,” and even a by-the-book version of Roy Buchanan’s tour-de-force, “The Messiah Will Come Again.” Jones’ tones are, for the most part, planted in the roots camp (albeit with a touch more grind), with drippy ’verb for the surf cuts, and gnarly Tele tones and twangin’ Gretsch textures for the rest. A wonderful recording that is a pure, heartfelt 6-string celebration.
—Darrin Fox