Jimmy Crabtree

Age: 39Style: Acoustic fingerstyle, rock countryInfluences: Eddie Van Halen, Steve Morse, Jeff BeckMain Guitars: Customized Kramer, Fender StratocasterLocation: Oak Hill, West Virginia
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Background: A self-taught guitarist, Crabtree began playing in 1979. Awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Atlanta Institute of Music, he had to decline due to other commitments. In 1994, Crabtree appeared in Guitar FTPM magazine, which further acknowledged his playing skills. When discussing his goals, Crabtree said, “I want to share my love of the guitar with as many people as possible.” On his recent recordings, Steve Morse-style acoustic ballads, Celtic-influenced numbers, and even a raging Danny Gatton-style country romp prove him to be a great fingerstyle acoustic player as well as a smokin’ electric guitarist.

Contact: jimcrabtree2005@hotmail.com; jimmycrabtree.tripod.com