Jellifish Plectrum Effect

Inventor Robb Hendrickson was inspired to create the Jellifish pick ($13 retail/$10 street) after getting good results playing his guitar with a drum brush. The patented Jellifish uses 18 sections of what looks like wound guitar string, but the company refers to it as “compression-wound composite orchestral wire manufactured to our metallurgical specifications.” The wires are angled, resulting in varying degrees of stiffness that offer several different striking surfaces. The wires are encased in a molded plastic body, which is indented slightly to make it easier to hold.Hendrickson identifies three basic sounds the Jellifish is capable of producing: Chorus! (a swept sound reminiscent of a 12-string), Pluck! (a variation on standard picking using the sides of the Jellifish’s strings), and Bow! (a cello-like sound produced by quickly brushing the tips of the Jellifish across your strings). With a little practice, I was able to get all of these sounds on both acoustic and elect
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