Jeff Toale’s GuitART

When he isn’t defying snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night as a mail courier, Oakridge, New Jersey’s Jeff Toale is bringing new meaning to the expression carved top.
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“The electric guitars are hand-carved out of solid wood, then finished with tung oil or lacquer,” explains Toale. “On the acoustic guitars, I remove the top finish and burn my design into the wood. Then I stain, paint, or leave the design natural, and refinish the tops with lacquer.” It takes Toale between three and nine months to build an electric, and between two and four months to complete an acoustic. “Not only are these guitars pleasing to the eye, they are also wonderful to touch, and sound beautiful to the ear,” enthuses Toale. “They are totally functional, one-of-a-kind musical pieces of art.”