Jeff Lang

Prepare Me Well (An Introduction to Jeff Lang)
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Lap slide wizard Jeff Lang recorded the songs on this collection of progressive and beautifully broken folk-blues during the last ten years, releasing them in his native Australia. Culled from five albums (Whatever Makes You Happy, Everything is Still, You Have to Dig Deep to Bury Daddy, Cedar Grove, and Ravenswood), these cuts reveal Lang’s amazing slide chops and adventurous timbral palette. We’re treated to moody atmospheric textures, ripping electric lap-steel riffs, delicate acoustic picking, trippy backwards leads, oddball percussion, throbbing tremolo, and unconventional lyrics—all of which Lang blends like some crazed sonic alchemist. Dig early Ben Harper and Kelly Joe Phelps? You’ll find plenty of such earthy, driving slide in this 15-song set, nestled among bits of Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits, and Ry Cooder. But these are just clues—Lang’s music is as fiercely original as it is moving. (Telarc).
—Andy Ellis