Jason Becker and Carvin Talk About His Iconic Guitars

Carvin performed some setup work on Jason Becker's famous instruments. Here's how it turned out.

Carvin's Richard Cruz, Jr. recently met up with Jason Becker to check out Jason's iconic Carvin guitars and see what work they might need after the passage of many years and after the 1.5 billion notes that Jason blazed on them. The techs at Carvin expertly performed the repairs and then Richard and Albert Comas brought the instruments back to Jason, with Albert doing the demonstrations. Jason's words are translated by his dad, Gary (courtesy of the "Eye Geometry" that Gary invented whereby he reads Jason's eye movements and converts them into letters, words, sentences, and—most importantly—jokes). Stick around until the end where Jason lovingly busts his dad on his delivery. Props to Carvin for releasing the JB200C Jason Becker Signature Model and kudos to Jason for remaining the sexiest man alive.