Jackson: Mark Morton Dominion

Designed In Collaboration With Lamb Of God Guitarist Mark Morton, the Dominion is a modified version of Jackson’s Swee-Tone Jazz’r and features a chambered mahogany body with a drop-style, quilted maple top. The through-body neck is fairly wide and has a compound radius ebony fretboard with sharp looking split-block pearl/abalone inlays. There are 22 well-shaped and polished frets atop the rosewood board, and the synthetic nut is carefully cut and fitted. The guitar arrived with very low action, which made for excellent playability, although some excess string buzz required loosening the trussrod a tad to create a slight amount of relief. The intonation was predominantly good, however, the bottom three strings tended to go very slightly flat at and above the 12th fret.
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The Dominion is a light and resonant sounding guitar, and it dishes out thick, well-defined tones when feeding an overdriven amp or distortion pedal. The Duncan humbuckers are a great match for this guitar, and their individual coil-split functions greatly increase your sonic palette—whether you’re looking for more spank from the bridge pickup, more definition from the neck unit, or more openness when combined. With one pickup split and the other in humbucker mode, you can use the individual Volume and nicely voiced Tone controls to dial in some very happening clean or distorted sounds—textures you just can’t get on guitars that don’t allow for full control of each pickup. All considered, the Dominion is a hip guitar that walks the line between full-tilt rock machine and something that you could use for blues, jazz fusion, or county. If you’re looking for a high-quality ax that plays great and has lots of flexibility, the Dominion definitely demands a demo.

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MODEL Mark Morton Dominion
PRICE $1,649 retail/ $1,149 street
NECK Mahogany, though body
FRETBOARD Ebony, 24.75" scale (12" to 16" compound radius)
FRETS 22 jumbo
BODY Chambered
Mahogany with quilted maple top
PICKUPS Two Seymour Duncan ’59 humbuckers
CONTROLS Dual Volume and Tone, 3-way pickup selector, coil-tap switches
BRIDGE Schaller 456 with anchored tailpiece
TUNERS Sperzel locking
FACTORYSTRINGS GHS Boomers, .010-.046
WEIGHT 6.7 lbs
KUDOS A hot-rodded rock machine. Plays very well. Handy coilsplit switches add flexibility.