Jack Deville Electronics Buzzmaster

KNOBS Volume, Vig, Bias pot (internal)
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KNOBS Volume, Vig, Bias pot (internal)

SOUNDS The Buzzmaster is billed as having “the most gain of any fuzz you can buy” and also as “the world’s quietest fuzzbox.” I can’t confi rm either claim, but the Buzzmaster does have lots of gain, and is remarkably quiet even when cranked. The sleek, graphically understated pedal is powered by three germanium transistors, employs WIMA coupling capacitors, and sports Deville’s electronically “clickless” true-bypass switching. There’s also a tiny Bias trimpot on the inside for achieving optimal response in varied climes. The Vig (Vigor) control ranges from a splatty but cool overdrive sound to a tight, fullbodied blast with an almost filter-like attack and traces of low-octave heft on certain settings—especially with humbuckerequipped guitars. It isn’t a classic sound, but it kicks ass.

WHO’S IT FOR? Non-cover-band guitarists seeking a killer tool to craft their own bold tones.

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