Jack Bruce Chooses Hartke for Cream Reunion

Cream bassist Jack Bruce has chosen Hartke amps and cabinets for the upcoming Cream reunion.
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This May, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton will take the stage at Royal Albert Hall, the same place they last officially played together 37 years ago. Cream will do just four shows, May 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th.

While Jack has been a long-time user of Hartke, it was necessary to audition bass setups from several other manufacturers in order to accurately recreate that authentic Cream sound.

After several trials in a London rehearsal studio, Jack decided to go with Hartke over all the rest.

Jack has decided to run two Hartke rigs: For a more modern tone he'll use an aluminum cone 410XL and 115XL stack, powered by an HA3500 head. For that 60s retro sound, Jack’s using a paper cone Hartke VX810 with an HA5500 head. To get some extra low-end growl, an HA3500 and 115XL will be chained to the VX810 rig.

Jack will also be running Samson’s Synth Wireless touring rig along with Eric, who has been touring with Samson Wireless for years.

“Jack is a legend. Cream is one of the greatest bands of all time. We are absolutely honored,” said Hartke marketing director Pete Moe. “We were particularly excited that Jack liked the tone of the VX paper cone rig. They were designed with a vintage rock and roll in mind, and you couldn’t get a better endorsement than this.”

For more information on Jack Bruce and the Cream reunion tour visit www.jackbruce.com. For more information on Hartke and Samson visit www.samsontech.com