iTunes Goes Wireless!

The folks at Frontier Design Group just can''t resist mixing work and pleasure, as evidenced by the latest driver release for their popular TranzPort wireless controller. With the v1.3 driver installed, you can use TranzPort to control iTunes on both Apple and PC platforms.
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In addition to basic Play, Stop, and Volume controls, TranzPort lets you select tracks, navigate your iTunes library by artist, album, or song title, add songs to specific playlists, and control shuffle and repeat modes. You can even use TranzPort in Cue mode to trigger backup tracks from a footswitch or a TranzPort button in a live performance environment. You can also set Start and Stop times of a song and enable looping, which lets you practice with a section of a song, so you can learn a new tune or transcribe that killer solo.

More details about using TranzPort with iTunes are available on our web site:

Also New: Additional Software Support For Tranzport

Samplitude 8.3 has hit the shelves and now officially includes support for TranzPort -- something that Samplitude users have been asking about for some time. Kudos to the folks at Majix for answering the call.

Mackie's Tracktion 2.1 update also includes support for the TranzPort wireless remote controller. TranzPort has the distinct honor of being the very first non-Mackie designed controller to be accepted into their fold. Many thanks to Mackie!

Sony's Acid Pro 6 also recently came on board to join the ranks. They have added a great native mode implementation for TranzPort. New application support for TranzPort seems to be contagious, but we love it!

So who's next? Well we can't give it away, but we aren't out of surprises yet. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Frontier Design Group.

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