iRocker Turns iPod into a Guitarist Tool

Talking Panda has introduced iRocker, an iPod guitar companion for beginner guitar players and pros alike. Designed specifically for iPod, iRocker consists of four different guitar tools, all available anywhere you bring your iPod.
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The different tools included with iRocker are:

  • Guitar Tuner - Play recordings of a perfectly tuned guitar. Hear a perfect E (or A, or D, and so on) and tune the corresponding string of your guitar, all without carrying around a pitch pipe or tuner. iRocker offers a variety of different tuning methods: Standard, Drop D, Half-Step Down, and more.
  • Metronome - Choose from 10 different speeds, keeping you in perfect timing.
  • Virtual Chordbook - Display chord diagrams on the iPod screen, showing the correct fingering for each chord. Pop in your earbuds and listen to chords as you play. The Virtual Chordbook offers more than 200 essential chords, major and minor, to start writing your own songs and learning your favorites. And once you've mastered the chords, you can learn Scales.
  • Riffs - iRocker lets you play along with 5 different chord progressions. Rock an incredible solo over blues and rock riffs. Jam anytime, even without a band. All you need is your iPod.

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