iPlayMusic Announces Beginner Guitar Lessons For Mac

iPlayMusic, a leading provider of music learning and entertainment solutions, today announced the launch of Beginner Guitar Lessons for the Mac, the first guitar learning program optimized for the Mac and Video iPod. iPlayMusic Beginner Guitar Lessons for the Mac takes advantage of iLife applications resident on today''s Mac, including GarageBand, iTunes and iWeb. Now aspiring musicians have everything they need to learn guitar, play and sing popular songs, and easily create their own performances. For learning and entertainment on the go, users can view lessons or listen to their new performances in iTunes or on their iPod.
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Beginner Guitar Lessons for the Mac includes more than four hours of video, presented in 140 individual lessons featuring iPlayMusic's critically acclaimed, multi-angle video learning method. Users can quickly and easily learn to play more than 25 popular songs made famous by artists like The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley and Johnny Cash, all without learning to read music. Song lessons include guitar chord videos, scrolling lyrics for sing-along, and tips on riffs, transitions, strumming and more. Featured songs include classics like Yellow Submarine, I Shot the Sheriff and Amazing Grace.

Each popular song featured on Beginner Guitar Lessons for the Mac includes a full GarageBand project file, complete with instrumental and vocal tracks. Using GarageBand's simple controls, students can remix the featured songs, change or add vocals or instruments and record their own performances. Users can manage their performances in iTunes, or easily create a podcast using iWeb. An online demonstration of iPlayMusic's new guitar learning product is available at www.iplaymusic.com/mac-demo.html.

"Our new Mac software is the first product to provide music education for the iPod generation," said Stewart Putney, president of iPlayMusic. "By taking full advantage of the awesome applications in Apple's iLife suite, and the portability of the iPod, users can now learn to play hit songs on their guitar and then create their own performances. We have eliminated the sheet music of the past, and replaced it with an easy, fun and portable solution that users can tap into whenever and wherever inspiration strikes."

Appropriate for beginning players age five and older, iPlayMusic's new Mac software gives users easy control of their learning experience. If a particular song or technique presents a challenge, slow motion and looping features allow students to play along at their own pace while maintaining the proper pitch. iPlayMusic software also uses Spotlight Search Technology, making it easy for users to search for the lessons they want to learn.

Pricing and Availability

Beginner Guitar Lessons for the Mac is available for $49.95 from iPlayMusic, and will be carried in select retail stores. A PC version of the product will be available this Fall. The software includes four hours of video lessons, more than 25 popular song lessons, GarageBand projects and an 80-page eBook. iPlayMusic also offers instructional DVDs, guitar lesson downloads and guitars and accessories on its Web site.

For more information, visit their web site at www.iplaymusic.com.