Introducing Italy's Di Donato Guitars


Di Donato Guitars is a luthiers’ company based in Venice, Italy, specialized in crafting violins, violas and cellos. From this tradition we had applied some concepts to our new electric guitar.

The instrument is realized with a cast aluminum body, upon which the neck, electronics and the upper wood elements are connected. This last part has ergonomic and tonal function. The aluminum body has a special contour, similar to the soundboard of a violin, able to transfer vibrations to and from other parts of the instrument. Further steps of finishing are made completely by hand with a long and complex process that is necessary to give a sculpture’s aspect to each body.

The design is almost headless, with a locking system built by ourselves. The instrument is more balanced in weight and in tonal response. Each neck is exclusively made by hand with special pieces of wood, “tap tested” for best results. Not only every fret is worked and polished by hand but every single tang is interrupted before the border of the fretboard. Every single slot, before neck’s painting, is sealed by a small piece of wood. For us, also the smallest detail is fundamental: dots are not painted or made by plastic, but they are realized with pieces of pure ebony.

Every single instrument is an unique piece, completely handcrafted and customizable in tonal response and appearance.

Electronics are completely customizable and totally independent from the rest of the instrument: you can choose another configuration without changing the entire guitar.

Pickups are hand-wound by us and are mainly single-coil. The architecture is something between a P90 and a Jazzmaster. Now, we are working on a new dual blade humbucker. The choice to produce them by ourselves is an expensive one, but in this way we can totally manage the sound of the instrument according to musician’s needs.

PRICE: $5,500
NUT WIDTH: 1.65"
NECK: 25" scale, quartersawn kaya mahogany
FRETBOARD: 10" radius, premium Indian rosewood
FRETS: Stainless, Gold Evo
TUNERS: ABM Headless Bridge
BODY: Aluminum and kaya mahogany
PICKUPS: dual Di Donato JP90 single coil (AWG42 heavy formwar wire, A4 magnets)
CONTROLS: 1 Volume & 1 Tone, 3-way toggle
BUILT: Made in Italy
WEIGHT: 6.61 lbs
FACTORY STRINGS: Elixir Nanoweb, .010-.046

Neck wood – quartesawn maple, spanish cedar
Fretboard wood – madagascar rosewood, amazon rosewood, maple, pauferro
Body wood – korina, alder, maple
Pickups – single coils and humbuckers (plain enamel, polysol wire; A2, A3, A5, A8, and ceramic magnets)

Di Donato guitars
Via Bastie interne 23
30034 Mira (VE) - Italy