Institute of Audio Research Brings you "Summer Tour 2005

New York’s Institute of Audio Research invites you music lovers to stop by on June 25th for one of their exciting open houses. Prospective students can watch some of the biggest and best experts in the audio industry, who also teach at IAR, demonstrate how professionals make music today.

There will be turntable scratching led by guest star DJ Enuff from Hot 97; remote recording demonstrations of live vocalists performing in a club; a movie trailer soundtrack audio post-production demo; Apple Computer brings live demonstrations explaining the magic of GarageBand; a hands-on mixing demo with Yamaha DAWs; and sessions checking out the latest from ProTools, MIDI technology, and much more! If you are interested in making your living in the music industry, this is the event to check out!

“Summer Tour 2005” is co-sponsored by Hot 97 radio, Apple Computer, St. John’s University, and the Music Player Network. For more information, visit