IK Multimedia And Ampeg Launch Ampegsvx.com

IK Multimedia and Ampeg®, the legendary bass amp manufacturer, are pleased to announce that a dedicated website for the highly anticipated Ampeg SVX bass amp & FX modeling plug-In has been launched at www.ampegsvx.com.
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The Ampeg SVX plug-in offers full control over 4 individual components: separate Amp Head, Miked Cabinets, plus a Stomp Pedal board and a professional Tuner, organized the same way a bass rig is laid out. Two parallel signal paths make it possible to have separate direct bass sounds, mixed with different processed amped signals for an instant, top-quality studio sound anywhere...whether you are recording or jamming!

Over 20 bass gear emulations, including classic Ampeg signature bass amp models and stomps are powered by AmpliTube's unique DSM™ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) technology. DSM™ exclusive technology, developed by IK with years of research into analog-modeling, is used to accurately emulate tube circuitry down to a detail of finesse, which cannot be offered by any other software or hardware modeling processor. The result is a truly accurate dynamic response carved at the highest level of precision. Bassists will immediately feel like they are really playing through the high-end amp they are only used to hearing in the best hardware gear.

Mix and match between amps and cabinets of the most sought-after Ampeg gear to produce 24 amazing bass amp combinations. Plus, you'll have a complete bass pedal board with 6 fully configurable stomp effects to be selected among 8 classic bass effects crafted after classic Ampeg stomps and other must-have vintage gear. For the first time any musician, songwriter and producer can have a complete, "all-in-one" solution for bass recording. Not just for bass players, Ampeg SVX will give you that great bass sound you just can't get by plugging directly into a console or computer.


  • 4 Modules: Tuner, Stomp, Amp, Cabinet +Microphone selection/placement
  • 4 signature Ampeg-modeled bass amps: SVT Classic, SVT 4 PRO, BA500 and the B15 Portaflex
  • 6 signature Ampeg cabinet models: 1x15, 2x10, 2x12, 2 models of 4x10, and also 8x10
  • 24 bass amp combinations
  • 8 analog modeled stomps on 6 slots with flexible routing: Chorus, Delay, Octaver®, Wah, Envelope, Filter, Overdrive and Compressor
  • High precision tuner
  • Ultra-accurate analog modeling with DSM™ technology
  • All effects BPM syncable

For more information, visit their web site at www.ikmultimedia.com.