iBooster Connects Guitars, Mics to Computers

MXL microphones, the professional audio division of Marshall Electronics, introduced the iBooster Signal Compatibility Interface for Apple personal computers. It is designed to raise any low level input signal, such as those characteristic of microphones and electric guitar, to interface with the audio input level of Apple personal computers.
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Because both electric guitar and cardioid condenser microphones output a relatively low level signal, they need to be raised to line operating level to be used effectively with Apple Macintosh computers--both the iMac and the larger Power Mac tower systems. The iBooster does it cost effectively and without occupying any appreciable amount of space.

With a white color designed to blend aesthetically into the Macintosh computing environment, this diminutive accessory includes a power supply and a guitar adapter--everything needed to ensure trouble-free operation. The iBooster also incorporates a power switch and power LED to indicate when the unit is on.

MXL's new iBooster Signal Compatibility Interface is also makes the company's Desktop Recording Kit (DRK) compatible with Macintosh systems. Designed specifically for the computer enthusiast seeking quality audio for vocal recording, the DRK consists of a professional cardioid condenser microphone, complete with a desktop microphone stand, microphone clip, XLR cable, XLR to Mini-Plug adapter cable, 3.5mm Mini-Plug to 1/4 inch adapter, and power source.

The iBooster is slated to ship in September 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at www.mxlmics.com.