Ibanez Recreates Satriani’s Famous Black Dog Guitar

Limited Edition Tribute Features Exacting Hand-Renderings of Satch Artwork
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The Ibanez JS “Black Dog” Tribute is a faithful recreation of Joe Satriani’s legendary late ‘80s/early ‘90s axe. Like Joe’s actual Black Dog, the recreation features the original pot locations and output jack style—different than the current Satriani signature model—as well as DiMarzio PAF Pro and Fred pickups and the original Ibanez Edge tremolo system. In addition the JS neck and finish on the Tribute are treated by Ibanez’s most experienced luthiers.

But it’s the Black Dog finish that especially stands out: laboriously recreated by hand, one at a time, by just one highly skilled artist, are the drawings that Joe would apply to the original Black Dog body as the spirit moved him. Ibanez took photographs of the original Black Dog and used the shots to create a sort of “graphic map” that the Japanese artist uses to render with amazing exactitude Satriani’s original drawings.

The list price of the JSBDG is $7999.99, which includes many exclusive and special 20tth Anniversary items including an autographed copy of the Surfing with the Alien Legacy CD, a deluxe hardshell case, and exclusive Planet Waves Joe Satriani strap and Satriani Planet Waves signature picks by the respected D’Addario Co.

The collector’s item guitar is reported to be limited to 100 pieces worldwide with 60 of those destined for the United States.

Model: JSBDG
List: $7,999.99
Finish: Gloss Black with Hand-Rendered Reproduction Of Satriani’s Original Black Dog Drawings
Body Material: Basswood
Neck Material: Maple
Neck Scale: 25.5"
No. Frets: 22
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Pearl Dot
Bridge: Original Edge
H/W Color: Chrome
Neck Pickup: DiMarzio PAF Pro
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Fred
Controls: 1V, 1T in original Black Dog body placement
Case: Special Hardshell, Included