How Do You Put A Psychic On The Payroll Without Your Bosses Noticing, Anyway?

Patrick Nelson''s SPRAWLISM is an edgy, witty tale of excess and greed. This entertaining debut novel travels the eccentric, wild world of the music business as it ploughs into the freewheeling orbit of an anti-suburban sprawl activist.
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This is a riveting and amusing book -- a story of a young British record company guy with access to money and women. As the City and Wall Street takes over his industry in the Eighties, he and his irresistible bohemian friends' eccentric behavior and bad habits become less and less welcome. Our hero escapes to California and discovers that there is more to life than his superficial, ego driven life in the city. He discovers the West, and along with it, he discovers honor.

The easy going, hilarious and socially profound tale goes from the gritty, hip nightclubs of the London and New York music business in the Eighties. How do you put a psychic on a record label payroll without your bosses knowing about it, anyway? To the ecologically unsound, 'haves versus have-mores' world of the California wine industry with its millionaires battling its billionaires. To the rural villages of Northern New Mexico, where greed and development threaten a three-hundred-year-old way of life. It ends up at the last frontier, the outlaws and treacherous expeditions of the fishing fleets of the Bering Sea.

Author, Patrick Nelson knows the world of which he writes. He has most recently been Editor & Publisher of the music industry trade publication Producer Report. He is a former British record company talent scout. He has lived in London, New York and now lives in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles.

Christopher Reed says: "Nelson takes an entertainingly sardonic view of the foibles of moronically outrageous managers in the netherworld of the Eighties pop music industry. Salvation arrives but not until we have seen these rascals at their worst." Christopher Reed is the former US West Coast Correspondent for The Guardian of London.

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