Hot Hand Standout Product at Winter NAMM

Anaheim, CA––Hot Hand™, the first “motion controller” for guitar effects was featured as one of the hottest products at Winter NAMM by one of California’s largest daily newspapers, The Orange County Register, along with MSNBC, Harmony Central, Google News, Modern Guitar and other news organizations inside and outside the music industry. Hot Hand™ was also showcased on Testa Convention TV News’s live coverage of NAMM.

With ongoing demonstrations of Hot Hand™ by jam band luminary Fuzz and co-developer and Engineer Jesse Remignanti, the product attracted the attention of attendees, dealers, media observers and more, even in Hall E which is below the main exhibit area.

Why? Combining micro-machined motion sensing technology with a proprietary audio processing chip co-developed with Analog Devices, Hot Hand™ is the first system of its kind to successfully translate body movement into sound.

Offering more control over the creative sound-shaping process than ever before, Hot Hand™ is comprised of a sensor that attaches easily to the hand or any part of the body and a floor-mounted console system with 11 usable "wah" type filter effects. The system features state-of-the-art 56 bit DSP co-developed with Analog Devices, Inc., along with crystal clear 24 bit converters for exceptional sound quality.

Hot Hand™ changes the way guitarists manipulate effects without anchoring them to traditional pedal effects consoles or other fixed on-stage devices like the wah-wah pedal.

Besides a range of new effects variations, this approach also opens up the possibility for a whole new level of physical expression and showmanship in live performances. The movement of the hand or body when playing actually becomes the expression pedal.

Featuring an attractive and accessible user interface, Hot Hand™ gives guitarists control over the frequency of the wah and the sensitivity of the effects, allowing players to create signature sounds uniquely their own.

For greater flexibility, other effects chains can be controlled through Hot Hand™ for more creative possibilities, and an expression pedal can be input to override the device if desired.

Sounds in addition to the factory presets can be easily programmed and configured and a control allows Hot Hand™ to be calibrated to specific users in terms of range, motion, and speed of responsiveness. A Motion knob can be used to invert the axis of the controller up and down.

And this is just the beginning. In the very near future, Source Audio will be offering updated versions of Hot Hand™ with different effects and control possibilities.

Source Audio LLC, a new technology enterprise founded by former executives of Analog Devices, Inc. and the world of private equity is bringing the first of many revolutionary ideas in effects control and processing to the music industry.