HomeBrew Mimic Mock 1

Sometimes all you need is a relatively simple and straightforward delay, and that’s what Joel Weaver at HomeBrew set out to create.

The Mimic Mock 1 ($239 retail/$189 street) squeezes about 300ms of delay time out of a low-voltage bucket-brigade IC, and users can select processing power over sound quality (or vice versa) by adjusting an internal trimpot to set maximum delay time. (As with many devices of this type, the sound becomes noisier and increasingly ragged as you extend the delay time, so the best results are obtained with the internal trimmer and the Time knob set about halfway.) The Repeat knob pushes regeneration to just this side of self-oscillation (sorry, no spaceship sounds). Overall, the pedal is relatively quiet, features true-bypass switching, and may be powered using a 9-volt battery or a standard adapter.

The Mock 1 sounds quite good when used for slapbacks and to double lead lines. Longer delays sound okay, but the repeats tend to thin out and decay quickly. Still, this pedal has lots of personality, and it provides simple analog delay effects at a reasonable price. [Note: the review unit was a production prototype, and the final internal component layout may change slightly.]