Hohner Launches Essential Series Acoustics

New line of acoustic guitars utilizes Hohner's "frequency matching" technique....
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Hohner, Inc. announces the launch of the new Essential Series of acoustic guitars. These guitars are built utilizing a revolutionary technique Hohner calls “frequency matching.” Hohner’s technicians utilize a form of tap tuning to determine the resonant frequencies of the wood and then matching the solid spruce tops with similarly resonant mahogany backs and sides. The result is a guitar that is unusually resonant, producing a rich, singing, tone that makes even the small bodied Parlor and Folk guitars in the Essential series sound huge. “These guitars feature a micro-thin finish. The pick guards were left off in order to encourage the vibration of the tops” commented product manager Drew Lewis. “We kept these guitars very simple cosmetically, all the money was invested into perfecting the manufacturing process” Drew added.

Guitars by their very nature consistently play out of tune and to rectify this situation, Hohner has equipped each Essential model guitar with the Earvana™ Compensated Tuning System. This special nut and bridge assures that these guitars play with perfect intonation, up and down the length of the neck. Each Essential guitar goes through a 12- point inspection at Hohner’s US facility in Virginia to insure that every guitar is set up to sound great.

Price points on the Essentials start at $249 MAP for the Parlor and the Folk models and $269, 289, & $329 respectively for the Dreadnaught, Classical, and Acoustic Electric Mini-Jumbo.

For more information, visit hohnerusa.com.