Hiwatt Hi-Gain Series Now Available in USA

Kaysound Imports today announces a new agreement with legendary amplifier maker Hiwatt to distribute their products in the United States. Under this new agreement, Kaysound introduces Hiwatt’s new Hi-GAIN series in the US consisting of the HI-GAIN 50 and HI-GAIN 100 guitar heads, a HI-GAIN 50W combo amp, and 4x12 and 2x12 cabinets.
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The new HI-GAIN SER RANGE guitar amplifier heads come in 50W and 100W versions, utilize the same clean channel circuitry of Hiwatt’s coveted Custom Range Amplifiers, and add a new contemporary overdrive circuit. The power amp section features EL34 tubes while the pre-amp features 12AX7 to dial in smooth overdrive up to all-out distortion with classic Hiwatt presence and richness.

The HI-GAIN also adds Accutronics reverb, an FX loop, and an amplifier mute so you can use the pre-amp on its own through specially designed on-board speaker emulation circuitry with balanced XLR output. The HI-GAIN features push-pull switches for normal and bright settings, dual footswitch inputs for separate control of channel/mute and reverb/FX loop, and 4 speaker outputs rated from 4 to 16 ohms supporting various configurations of Hiwatt’s Fane or Celestion loaded 4x12 or 2x12 speaker cabinets.

The HI-GAIN Series is available in a standard version without reverb, mute, FX loop, and speaker emulation for the same great Hiwatt sound on a budget. Also available is a 50W HI-GAIN combo amp with 2x12 Fane speakers, available with both standard and SER RANGE features.

Price and Availability

HI-GAIN 50 Head - $1399 MSRP ($1549 SER)

HI-GAIN 100 Head - $1499 MSRP ($1699 SER)

HI-GAIN 50 Combo - $1699 MSRP ($1899 SER)

For more information, please visit www.hiwatt.com.

About HiWatt

Hiwatt has been hand-building amplification products of the highest specifications since 1963. Their products have been used by many of the most known artists in music history such as Pete Townsend and David Gilmour as well currently on tour and in the studio with today’s cutting-edge acts like The Killers, The Hives, and Coldplay.