Hip Tip From Billy Lunn

“I like the idea of songs being awkward,” says Billy Lunn, guitarist/vocalist for young U.K. punkers the Subways. “I think convention is something you really have to shrug off—especially if you’re planning on writing something new or exciting. For example, I was always humbled by the idea of opening Young For Eternity with an acoustic guitar and vocal piece, because everyone thought we were just a punk band.

But “I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say” was still an angular, punky song—even if it messed with ‘punk convention’ by starting with just an acoustic guitar and a voice. And, with the acoustic, there’s no lying at all. People can tell if you’re talking sh*t. Ultimately, I decided that it doesn’t matter what guitar you play, as it all comes down to doing whatever fits with what you’re trying to achieve with your song. All that really matters is that you’re getting your message across—that you know precisely what you’re communicating, and that you’re being honest and genuine and true. At the end of the day, you will be tested by your song, and your sincerity shouldn’t come up wanting.”
—Katie Garibaldi