Hear Audio for the July 2007 Review of Roland’s VG-99!

Here is a piece I composed using a Burns Steer equipped with a Graphtech Ghost pickup system and the Roland VG-99 V-Guitar System. Please launch the mp3 to hear the results.
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For the full text of the review, please check out the July 2007 issue of Guitar Player either on the newsstands, or here at guitarplayer.com (articles are typically uploaded to the Web site as soon as the print magazine goes off newsstand sale).

I recorded through an M-Audio Firewire 1814 into a Mac G5 running Ableton Live. All the sounds are from the VG-99—except for a few Live effects (phasing on one of the loops and some bit reduction on the noise loop).

Event Map

Loop starts. You can hear me adjusting the LFO rate with the VG-99 ribbon controller.

Some sparse lead added with pitch-shift harmony.

Adding a phased version of loop.

Beat loop added and VG99 bass

Drums and solo added.

Noise loop breakdown.