Hear Audio for the August 2007 Review of the IK Multimedia Amplitube Jimi Hendrix!

I created this track in Ableton Live using a 1965 Stratocaster equipped with DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups. I plugged the guitar into an M-Audio Firewire 1814 interface. For the Left rhythm part I used the “Are You Experienced” setting with a Fuzz Age pedal and The 1959 Marshall JTM 100W Super Lead model. The cabinet was a closed back Fender Bassman with two 15" JBLs, miced on axis, up close with an AKG C12 condenser. The Right clean rhythm was the “Hey Joe” intro setting which employs and XS Fuzz with the drive practically offthe 1959 Marshall as well.

:18 I bring in an octave lick using basically one of the “Third Stone From The Sun” settings, which consisted of no pedals and the dimed out Marshall through a 4x12 with JBLs. They added a slight mid boost with the Parametric EQ, I added alittle Stereo Reverb from the rack.

:27 I add some UniVibe

:36 I bend up some unisons with the solo setting from “Fire”— an Octa-V through the Marshall with the gain on 7 and JBL’s.

:43 I add the Rotary speaker

:55 I solo out with the Fuzz-One through the same Marshall setup, some Tube Compression and some Stereo Reverb.

1:10 I kick in the Wah. Not having a MIDI pedal set up, I added this after playing the whole solo, controlled the Wah with my mouse, and edited it afterwards—something I think Jimi would have loved but never got to do.