Hear Audio for the August 2007 Review of the Electro-Harmonix HumDebugger!

Here I am playing through the HumDebugger using a Fernandes Stratocaster with Van Zandt pickups, into an Orange Tiny Terror head through a custom speaker bottom with a 12" Eminence Texas Heat speaker installed.

First I am playing clean without the HumDebugger engaged, then with it. I then turned up the gain on the Tiny Terror and once again played first without and then with the EH pedal engaged. For the last example I goosed the gain further with a 65 Color Boost, once again first without and then with the HumDebugger turned on. I recommend listening through headphones to hear the difference in hum, as my studio and guitar are well grounded and shielded. I left the long spaces at the beginning and end of each lick so you can hear the hum. The last example is miced identically to the next to last one – the distant micing effect is a product of the HumDebugger.