Hartley Peavey Rallies Sweetwater Troops

Monday, December 12 was a very special day at Sweetwater headquarters. More than 100 sales, service, and marketing employees gathered in the company''s training room at 7 a.m. to begin an intensive information session on the recently added line of Peavey products. They were surprised when, about ten minutes into the workshop, Hartley Peavey, the founder, CEO, and visionary of the Meridian, Mississippi manufacturer, made an appearance.

The assembled group hung on every word as Peavey spoke for more than one hour on his philosophy: to provide musicians with the best possible products at fair prices. Peavey launched his enterprise more than 40 years ago with that credo. Today, Peavey Electronics remains one of the few privately owned musical instrument manufacturers in the nation. Hartley Peavey takes pride in the fact that he has avoided the corporate takeovers that have driven many instrument makers out of business.

Peavey's presentation was one part technical information, one part motivational speech, and one part autobiography. “To be the best, you have to be different,” Peavey said, as he cited the many differences between his operation and other manufacturers. The company holds more than 130 patents and was the first to employ CNC (computerized numeric control0 machines in guitar making.

Later in the day Hartley Peavey sat down in front of Sweetwater's cameras and spoke on a range of topics, including his company's remarkable 40-year history, his pioneering approach to making guitars, and Peavey's ability to manufacture quality products without needing to charge premium prices. The Peavey interview videos can be seen at www.sweetwater.com/feature/Peavey.

Peavey was enthusiastic about adding Sweetwater as a dealer. “The folks at Sweetwater understand our philosophy and have for a long time,” he stated. The two companies share a dedication to superior customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Sweetwater was recently named “Indie Retailer of the Year” by Music Inc. magazine, a prominent trade journal. Peavey products have received numerous international awards for design excellence.

Sweetwater founder and President Chuck Surack noted that the retailer is cautious about adding brands to its inventory, but the decision regarding Peavey was an easy one. “After we visited the Meridian plants and spoke with Hartley, we knew that this relationship would be a fruitful one,” Surack said.