Hartke Introduces New 250 Watt Bass Head & New Amp Cosmetics

With the ever-changing line of products in the musical instrument industry, few have had the life and longevity of Hartke, especially when it comes to bass amps.
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The best selling bass head ever, the Hartke HA3500, is now available in a fresh silver faced edition, pleasing to the eyes as well as the ears. Hartke has also added a new HA2500 bass amplifier to the lineup to round out the series for added applications.

With 250 Watts of available power, the 2500 will drive a small to mid-sized bass rig with clarity and punch. The 2500 features the new Hartke silver face chassis and includes selectable passive or active inputs, tube and solid-state pre-amps, variable compression, a 10-band graphic EQ, high/low frequency contour control and XLR direct out.

The new Hartke 3500 features the same traditional performance and features of the original model released back in 1990, with 350 Watts of power and punch. The 3500a includes selectable passive or active input, tube and solid-state pre-amps, variable compression, 10-band graphic EQ, high / low frequency contour control and a direct XLR output. The new edition features the new silver faced front panel design housed in a vintage-style wood cabinet enclosure.

For more information on the complete line of Hartke bass amps, cabinets and accessories check out www.Hartke.com.