Harmonic/Fretted-Note Gumbo

It never gets boring hearing Louisiana slide genius Sonny Landreth play slide notes and fretted pitches simultaneously. (This works because when Landreth frets a string behind the slide, it drops beneath the slide and rings unimpeded below. Cool!) I love Landreth’s technique so much I discovered a cheap way to use it without a slide: 1) Put your guitar in open-A tuning by raising the second, third, and fourth strings a whole-step. 2) Rest your 3rd finger against the strings directly over the 12th fret without actually pressing them down. 3) Play a lick like the one shown here. The 3rd finger acts as a stationary “slide” of sorts, holding all those floating 12th-fret harmonics, while the 1st and 2nd fingers fret notes behind said “slide.” Dig: Fretted notes can easily be pulled off to harmonics (beat three, bar 2).