Guytron GT212

Open Back Cabinet
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Guytron’s new open-back 2x12 cabinet ($899 retail/$699 street) is constructed of Baltic birch plywood with black vinyl covering contrasting with a vintage-style “salt and pepper” basket-weave grille. Our sample cab came with a pair of Guytron’s newly developed BigTone 55 speakers. Rated at 55 watts each, these British-influenced speakers have a 4-spoke frame, a 134" Kapton voice coil riding in a tight gap for maximum sensitivity, and a large diameter flat spider. They’re available in 8O or 16O versions, and our cab was loaded with two 16O speakers wired in parallel for a total impedance of 8O. (A 35-watt version of the Big Tone is also available, which is essentially the same speaker, except—for the purist—with a paper voice-coil former in place of the 55’s Kapton former.)

While obviously designed to complement the sound of the GT100 F/V, this cab sounded great with other amps, as well, conveying well-controlled vintage flavored warmth with a smooth broken-in richness that’s equally suited for clean or overdriven textures. It has a stout-bodied fullness that’s evocative of a 4x12, yet with its OmniTone baffle, it also projects the room-filling multi-dimensional spread of an open-back cab. In short, the new open-back GT212 is a very musical sounding and dynamic cab that can excel in many situations.