GuitarCoursesws Launches Free Fretboard Trainer Software Launches Free Fretboard Trainer Software
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Updated on, a website directory of guitar courses, is attacking the problem of guitarists with insufficient knowledge of the guitar fretboard by offering a free software application designed to teach players the basics of fretboard navigation and allow them to practice their skills with and without their guitar.


Even for guitarists of many years experience, true mastery of the fretboard is often elusive, yet understanding the layout of the guitar fretboard is crucial for really unlocking the potential of the guitar. A comprehensive knowledge of the guitar fretboard will enables players to understand and learn scales more easily, improvise more fluidly, find notes faster, read music more easily and play with greater confidence. Learning the guitar fretboard is critical for all guitarists to expand their abilities to the full, yet many don't bother as it seems dull and you can "get by" without it.

But now to help guitarists jump the hurdle of learning the fretboard, has released the Fretboard Trainer. This free software incorporates lessons and practice drills to teach crucial skills in navigating the fretboard. Lessons included in the Fretboard

Trainer includes:

• Open strings
• Root-note shapes
• Naming the notes and two techniques for finding notes
• Major scale patterns
• Natural Minor scale patterns
• Additionally, a bonus Pentatonic Scales lesson is offered in return for subscribing to the newsletter. Each lesson is backed-up with a set of practice exercises so guitarists can keep practicing the skills and patterns learned in the lessons. Answers are entered on a virtual fretboard, allowing guitarists to learn and visualise the patterns properly before reinforcing the knowledge on their guitar.

Being able to use the Fretboard Trainer without a guitar enables the user to maximise their learning time — for example by using it on a laptop while travelling, or by being able to quickly run the application up and practice fretboard patterns during a 10-minute break from work!

The Fretboard Trainer works on Windows PCs from Windows XP SP2 upwards, and is available for free download from:

For more information, visit