Guitar Player Presents Deke Dickerson

Guitar Player proudly presents roots music master Deke Dickerson in San Francisco at 12 Galaxies in the hoppin’ Mission District. Dickerson is primarily known as one of the premier rockabilly rebels on the planet, but his repertoire and appeal is much broader.
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Fans of western swing, garage rock, surf, and old time rock and roll will all appreciate Dickerson’s music, his humor, and his awesome gear collection. He’s known as a vintage cat, but there’s more to Dickerson’s gear story than that. He told GP, “I use as much brand-spankin’ new equipment as I do old stuff. Ten years ago, I thought all digital stuff was crap—and most of it did sound awful. Now, I there’s good digital stuff too.” Dickerson’s gear lust and deep knowledge of the instruments he plays, such as his TNM custom doubleneck hot rod, recently led GP to give him his own “Deke the Guitar Geek” column in the magazine. He’ll have his 1967 Bunker—which was originally made for Johnny Paycheck, and was featured in the February issue—on display at the show. So come down and get your guitar freak on along with Deke and Guitar Player!