Guitar Player Presents Clapton Beck Page

The names say it all. These are the giants of British guitar playing. 

The names say it all. These are the giants of British guitar playing. Their sound defined the era and still reigns supreme among players to this day. Their collective resume—John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith, Led Zeppelin, and the legendary Yardbirds, where each cut their teeth and held the guitar slot early on in their careers—is the stuff of legend.


And this is their story, straight from the source, Guitar Player magazine, one of the most credible and longstanding music publications.

Backbeat Books and Guitar Player have raided the magazine’s extensive archives to bring you this collection of several dozen interviews, features, and lessons, from the '60s through present day, which trace the mammoth and influential careers of the three most important guitarists in rock and roll. The articles detail legendary collaborations, stories from the studio and the road, breakdowns on gear, early influences, musical philosophies, and secrets and tricks.

From their early days jobbin’ it around London studios to the incredible highs each achieved in the '70s and '80s and on to their present day role as rock’s elder statesmen, these insightful interviews illustrate how these guitar heroes developed their styles and sounds as they were doing it. Many of these articles have not been reprinted since their initial publication, and with the benefit of several decades of hindsight, they prove just as essential today to those who watched these three guitar gods on their ascent as they do to budding young shredders.

About The Editor: Michael Molenda has been the editor in chief of Guitar Player magazine since 1998, and is also a performer, producer, studio owner, and recording artist. He has edited and compiled several book including Guitar Player Presents: Carlos Santana, The Guitar Player Book, and the forthcoming Guitar Player Presents Guitar Heroes of the '70s. He lives in San Francisco, CA.