Guitar Player Presents: A Jeff Beck Tribute by André Bush

Guitar Player is proud to present André Bush’s tribute to Jeff Beck at one of the Bay Area’s finest clubs, Yoshi’s. This show is especially interesting because both Bush and Yoshi’s are known for jazz, while Beck is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. The connection dates back to mid-’70s, when Beck pioneered the jazz-rock fusion movement. 1975’s Blow By Blow was a Top Five album, and his two subsequent efforts, Wired, and There and Back followed a similar stylistic concept that combined jazzy tunes with fiery rock-inspired guitar work. The period was a high water mark for fusion’s popularity, and this is the material Bush will focus on.
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“I’m from the post-modern, John Scofield and Pat Metheny school of jazz guitar,” Bush told GP, “but I was heavily influenced by Jeff Beck’s rock-jazz fusion playing. With this tribute I intend to pay homage to that material, while updating some of the grooves and putting a jazzier harmonic stamp on it. I’ll also be performing some of my own material.”

Bush has an impressive résumé. His 2000 release, Invisible City [Quicksilver/Increase] was named CD of the Year by the Jazz Review. Bush’s 2005 collaboration with singer Nnenna Freelon on her album Blueprint of a Lady [Concord] won him a Grammy nomination. André recently authored Modern Jazz Guitar Styles [Mel Bay], and regular GP readers are familiar with him because he’s written many lessons for the magazine. It will be interesting to see how Bush uses his extensive understanding of jazz harmony to update and improvise over Beck’s classic material, and how his own songs fit alongside.

Guitar Player is honored to help the Bay Area jazz world acknowledge rock and roll legend Jeff Beck. The tribute will be in André Bush’s capable hands at the Bay Area’s classiest venue, so don’t miss it.