Guitar Player Night's Surf Spectacular Featuring Slacktone and Pollo Del Mar!

Guitar Player is totally stoked to present an exciting evening of spectacular surf guitar music featuring two killer California crews.

Southern California’s Slacktone plays high energy surf music with punk passion and delicate phrasing provided by guitarist Dave Wronski. The man who is perhaps the leading guitar player on the modern surf scene told GP, “Surf music is aggressive, but I also think it can have a very romantic sound. Mixing moods can make a live set feel like a theme-park ride.”

The 10-year old band’s latest release, Rough Surf, Rough Mix, which was recorded live in Berlin, is such an enjoyable experience that it prompted GP associate editor and surf music aficionado Darrin Fox to proclaim:

“Wronski has taken the genre of surf guitar further than anyone since Dick Dale. He innovates with an evolved melodic sensibility and use of dynamics that makes him the utter cream of the longboard crop. Trust me folks, Wronski is as bad as they come.”

Enough said.

Bay Area scene-makers Pollo del Mar open the show, led by the two-pronged guitar attack of Jono Jones and Ferenc Dobronyi. The band’s set consists of original modern surf rock tunes, classic surf covers, and surf interpretations of songs by the likes of Frank Zappa, Henry Mancini, and the Dead Kennedys.

Don’t miss this tidal wave of surf guitar glory!