Guitar Player Announces “The 101 Greatest Moments in Guitar History”

In one of the most complex and comprehensive cover stories Guitar Player has published in its 37-year history, the editors of Guitar Player compiled the events, players, innovations, and techniques that forged modern guitarcraft.
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“Cooking down the history of modern guitar to 101 events was quite a chore, and I’m sure Guitar Player’s selections will generate tons of discussion and, perhaps, even a snippet or two of controversy,” says GP Editor in Chief Michael Molenda. “But launching deep and provocative debates about guitarcraft—and educating people about the guitar—is just the gig that GP was born to do.”

The article is filled with interesting guitar-related facts from gear development, to the first time the legends were heard, to pop-culture phenomena.

The 20-page article begins with the birth of steel guitar in 1885, and ends with the White Stripes storming the airwaves in 2001. Filling out the 120 years between the two incidents are events such as: The First Singing Cowboy, 1925; Martin Develops the Modern Flat-Top, 1934; The Fender Broadcaster Debuts, 1950; Elvis Records with Scotty Moore, 1954; Gibson Patents the Humbucker, 1955; Ricky Nelson Rocks The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, 1957; Vox Introduces the AC15, 1958; Ernie Ball Gets Slinky, 1962; The Yardbirds Form, 1963; Pete Townshend Auto Destructs, 1964; Marshall Debuts 100-Watt Amp, 1965; Jimi Plays Monterey Pop, 1967; Premiere Issue of Guitar Player, 1967; Led Zeppelin and Santana Released, 1969; Mesa/Boogie Debuts the Mark 1, 1970; Robert Fripp Introduces Frippertronics, 1973; Frampton Comes Alive Released, 1976; Hartley Peavey CNC’s Guitars, 1976; Sonic Youth Forms, 1981; MTV Debuts, 1981; This Is Spinal Tap Tells It Like It Is, 1984; Tech 21 Debuts The Sansamp, 1989; Ibanez Goes for 7, 1990; Nirvana Kills Hair Metal, 1991; Line 6 Introduces Pod, 1998; and many, many more.

Available March 15 at newsstands, music stores, music retailers, or bookstores everywhere, the issue also features gear reviews (including a volume pedal roundup, the Orange Rockerverb 100 and Speedster Class A “40,” and Yamaha AES720), a Recording Section (including a story on how the hot newbie band Louis XIV recorded their hit “Finding Out That True Love Is Blind”), a master music class on the legendary Hank Garland, and our exclusive sheet music downloads that allow readers to select one song from a library of 15 tunes ranging from Pantera to Hoobastank to James Brown.