Guitar Guru 2.0 Update to Be Released April 21 announced a new version of their Guitar Guru software. Slated for an April 21st release, Guitar Guru 2.0 features a variety of upgrades to the interactive guitar learning software. The upgrades make Guitar Guru 2.0 even easier to use for advanced guitarists, and more accessible to beginners.

Featuring an interactive fretboard, adjustable tempos, the ability to set loops and CD-Synchronization technology, Guitar Guru helps users learn to play a variety of popular songs utilizing the system's virtual fretboard where colored dots represent the proper fingering patterns. Guitar Guru Sessions include all the guitar parts to a given song including plus interactive, printable guitar tab.

Utilizing customer feedback, Guitar Guru 2.0 will feature a bevy of upgrades to the previous version. The most exciting of these enhancements is the software's new "Step-Through" function, which allows guitarists to step through a song one event at a time.

Additional enhancements include the option to display fret-hand fingerings by number instead of color, increased support for barred chords, greater control over playback tempo, an upgraded playing tips system, improved chord displays and more. Guitar Guru 2.0 also features an upgraded graphical interface.

Most importantly, all Guitar Guru Sessions downloaded prior to Guitar Guru 2.0 will be compatible with the new version and will be able to take advantage of all the new features available.

Since Guitar Guru's launch in November of 2003 over 12,000 Guitar Guru Sessions have been purchased by both aspiring and professional guitarists.

The growing catalog of Guitar Guru Sessions, available exclusively at now offers interactive lessons for over 200 individual songs. The most popular selections include classic rock staples like Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven," "Hotel California" by The Eagles and Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" in addition to a wide variety of additional classic rock, folk, classical, country, jazz, blues and Christian titles.

The Guitar Guru software is available as a free download at Version 2.0 will be available at the site starting April 21, 2005.

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