Guitar Guru 2.0 Launches with Gear Giveaway

Guitar Guru 2.0, the latest version of the popular song-based learning software from Musicnotes, Inc. is now officially available for download at In conjunction with the launch, Musicnotes is running a contest giving away several thousand dollars in guitar-related products, including a Fender Guitar and Marshall Amp.
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To promote the launch of Guitar Guru 2.0, Musicnotes, in conjunction with Guitar Player Magazine, is offering a contest where users can enter to win a variety of guitar-related prizes simply by entering their e-mail address.

Featuring an interactive fretboard, adjustable tempos, the ability to set loops and CD-Synchronization technology, Guitar Guru has quickly become one of the premier song-based learning tools for guitarists. Users learn to play a variety of popular songs utilizing the system’s virtual fretboard where colored dots represent the proper fingering patterns. Guitar Guru Sessions include all the guitar parts to a given song plus interactive, printable guitar tab.

The new version of Guitar Guru offers both aspiring and professional guitarists a wide variety of learning tools, plus several enhancements to already existing features. Most importantly, every new and upgraded feature in the new version is backwards-compatible with previously purchased Sessions (song lessons) – giving previous customers the ability to take advantage of all the new features without purchasing any additional software.

Many of Guitar Guru 2.0’s new features were the results of customer feedback. The most requested, and sure to be most popular, new feature is Guitar Guru’s new “Step-Through” functionality. Guitarists are no longer restricted to learning a piece only at the available tempos. Rather, they now have the ability to “step-through” each event (fingering change, strum, etc). at any pace, using the arrow keys on their keyboard.

The fingerboard display has also seen several improvements; the most noticeable of these is the new option to display fingerings by color, finger number, or a combination of the two. The previous version of Guitar Guru displayed proper fingering using a color-coded system. This remains the default system, but the addition of these optional display methods will greatly aid guitarists accustomed to learning songs by traditional guitar tablature.

Several other additional enhancements are also included, such as:

  • Tone control. Select from 20 different stringed instrument tones.
  • Bass guitar support. Supports bass guitar Sessions, coming soon to
  • Play menu. A Play menu has been added to the menu bar providing most of the functions in the Player Panel.
  • Delayed starts. Gives you time to assume playing position before the music starts.
  • New tuner design. A more intuitive tuner design now uses the tone setting of the current song and works with all guitar orientations.
  • New Playing Tips design. View all of the playing tips for the current passage with one button click.
  • Mute button. The volume reset button has changed to an audio on/off toggle.

“Our goal with the first version of Guitar Guru was to provide a tool that presents all of the information you need to learn to play some of the world’s greatest guitar music,” said John Dippong, creator of the Guitar Guru software. “Nevertheless, we think Guitar Guru 2.0 is another major leap forward in teaching you to play like your favorite artists.”

The prizes for the Guitar Guru 2.0 contest include:

  • Fender Deluxe Powerhosue Strat with Maple Fingerboard
  • Marshall MG15DFX Amp with Digital Effects
  • Guitar Guru Gift Certificates
  • Subscriptions to Guitar Player Magazine
  • Guitar Guru T-Shirts and Guitar Picks

There will be 26 winners in total, with a Grand Prize package valued at nearly $1,300. All winners will receive complimentary subscriptions to Guitar Player magazine.

For more information or to download your free copy of Guitar Guru 2.0, plus more information on the launch contest (including the full prize list), please visit