Guide to Building Your Own Pedals Published

Over the past year or so, Brian Wampler of and has been compiling and writing a new book - "How to Build Your own Effect Pedals...a step by step guide". After searching for a book to recommend to his customers and not finding one, he decided that he would just write one.
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This is a hard copy book, with detailed full-sized pictures and 92 pages of instructions. This book will hold you by the hand and show you 'the ropes'. The book also covers performing advanced modifications to existing pedals.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Introduction
  • Tools and Items needed
  • The Basics explained
  • Let's get started
  • Basic Definitions and Concepts
  • Understanding Schematics
  • How To Solder/desolder
  • All about Components
  • Component chart
  • Breadboards
  • Catalog Part Numbers
  • Installing pots and switches

Projects covered include:

  • A/B/Y box
  • Feedback Looper
  • True Bypass Box
  • Using a breadboard to build circuits quickly
  • Basic 386 clean boost
  • Advanced clean boost
  • Smooth overdrive
  • Aggressive Distortion
  • Sputtery, nasty fuzz

Advanced Modifications:

  • Turn a tubescreamer into a distortion
  • Tubescreamer modification - new tone circuit
  • Add a tone/eq circuit to MXR Distortion Plus / DOD OD250 Overdrive

Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz Advanced modifications including:

  • Adding a tone/EQ control circuit
  • Adding a totally new circuit to create a milky smooth fuzz or jagged and rough fuzz/distortion

The book also covers applying these types of advanced modifications to other pedals and troubleshooting.

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