Gretsch White Falcon with TV Jones Pickups

These TV Jones pickups  have definitely improved the sound of this reissue Gretsch White Falcon. The neck pickup is A Super 'Tron, which is essentially a TV Jones Classic with blades instead of polepieces.

It has great clarity, but with more punch and mass than the original pickup, and it delivers a big, juicy sound that works beautifully for jazz or blues. The Classic Plus pickup in the bridge position uses the same type of 1/4"-thick alnico magnets that Gretsch used in the late '50s. The "Plus" part means that the coils are wound with thinner wire for more output and midrange growl. Though an overdriven amp, this pickup sounds fat and powerful, with plenty of top-end slice and great low-end tightness and definition. This was an quick and easy swap—I just snipped the leads of the original pickups and re-soldered them to the wires on the TV Jones units.