Greg Marra

Guitarist: Greg MarraAge: 32Style: Instrumental rockInfluences: Neal Schon, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, and Steve VaiMain Guitar: Ernie Ball John Petrucci modelLocation: Camarillo, CA
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Background: Marra taught himself to play guitar at age 6, after seeing Kiss on TV. He learned Kiss, Zeppelin, and Hendrix tunes by ear, until hooking up with a teacher who introduced him to music theory, Coltrane, and Miles at age 16. One year later, Marra played his first gig with a metal cover band. Marra moved to Philly at age 22, where he took private lessons with Greg Howe.

In 1999, he moved to the L.A. area, where he played on sessions for dozens of developing artists. Last year, he recorded Collective Disorder—a disc of high-octane instrumentals showcasing an array of shredding chops in a heavy rock context.