Graph Tech Partners With Schecter Guitars

Graph Tech Guitar Labs, the world’s leading guitar nut and saddle manufacturer, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Schecter Guitars. Schecter is now using Graph Tech’s Black TUSQ® Nuts on their guitars to create an even better performing Schecter guitar, with improved tuning performance and tone.

Black TUSQ is a synthetic man made material which has internationally become an essential tone performance tool for many guitar manufacturers, luthiers and playing professionals. Black TUSQ precision slotted nuts have rich tone and sustain. Conventional bone and ivory nuts have hard and soft spots (grain), throughout each piece, hampering balanced and consistent transfer of string vibration to the guitar.

Black TUSQ Nuts are designed to enhance your guitar’s performance. Using our highly resonant TUSQ® man-made ivory this precision slotted nut is made under high heat and pressure. The consistency within each piece and from piece to piece means there are no dead spots to obstruct sustain. They are light-weight, yet very rigid and crystalline in nature.

”I first knew about Schecter around 30 years ago when I worked in retail and Schecter was ‘THE’ prestige line of guitars we sold at our store. Forward 30 years and we now supply them with our new Black TUSQ nuts; it’s truly an honor!” says Dave Dunwoodie President of Graph Tech Guitar Labs. “Schecter has always led the way for innovative designs and extremely high quality. Having Black TUSQ equipped on their guitars to improve tone and tuning performance has just proven once again, they are on the leading edge of the guitar industry.

About Graph Tech Guitar Labs:
Founded in 1983 by President Dave Dunwoodie, Graph Tech Guitar Labs manufactures more guitar nuts and saddles than any other company in the world. Focused on innovations to improve guitar tone and vibration for optimal performance, Graph Tech is the maker of TUSQ® and Black TUSQ® man-made ivory, String Saver™ saddles, String Saver Classics® steel saddles, and GHOST® modular pickup systems. The world’s leading retailers, luthiers, and guitar manufacturers choose Graph Tech products including Taylor Guitars, Martin Guitars, LAG Guitars, Larrivee, Ovation, Carvin, Fender, Fernanades, Godin, Ibanez, Peavey, Samick, Schecter, Gibson, Tacoma, and Yamaha Custom Shop. For more, see or call 800-388-7011.

About Schecter Guitars:
As Schecter Guitar Research moves into its 32nd year in business, they have solidified the elite status, as one of the world’s premier guitar companies. Its continually evolving and expanding line of guitars and basses appeals to a broad spectrum of players and diverse musical styles. Its core business practice offers high-quality instruments with professional components at an affordable price. One of the company's strongest assets is its growing roster of high-profile artists, including Avenged Sevenfold, The Cure, Papa Roach, Seether, Prince, Ozzy Osbourne, Stone Temple Pilots, Nevermore and Black Label Society.