Goodsell Electric Instruments Announces the New Black Series Amplifiers


GOODSELL ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTS is proud to announce the re-introduction of our four most popular light combo models in a new Black Series that will sell for hundreds less than previous models due to global sourcing of the cabinets and all plastic and cosmetic components.

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The award-winning Super 17 and Valpreaux 21, as well as the Dominatrix 18 and Unibox 10 will now have street prices starting at $1,399, while still offering the same hand-built boutique quality as before.

Richard Goodsell builds each amplifier in the familiar 5E3 1X12 cabinet format in his shop in Atlanta, GA, with USA-made output transformers, and speakers from WGS in Paducah, Kentucky. As with all Goodsell Amplifiers, the Black Series features point-to-point wiring, and every set of tubes is matched by hand. No amp leaves the shop without a thorough quality analysis on the factory reference Fender Telecaster.

All four models feature standard spring reverb, with standard tremolo on the 10, 17, and 21 watt models.

The new Black Series will be available in early October.

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