Godlyke PA-9D Power-All Deluxe Kit

The new Power-All Deluxe Kit is a single-outlet power supply designed specifically for guitar effect users....
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Rather than waste money and natural resources on disposable batteries, users can now power their entire pedalboard from a single power supply that takes up only one outlet space.

The Power-All Deluxe Kit provides 9 volts DC at 2000 milliamps – more than enough current to power dozens of effect pedals, including up to 4 Line 6 Modelers. The Power-All Deluxe Kit can power eleven pedals out of the box, and comes complete with a variety of jumper cables that allow connection of phone plug, reverse polarity, digital, and battery-only pedal types. New Ten-Foot, 18-gauge output cable allows for longer power runs without an extension cord.

The Power-All’s special circuit design offers the lowest noise floor of any digital power supply on the market. The PA-9 now comes with a ferrite-core filter built onto its output cable to further reduce noise and hum. The PA-9 automatically converts any input voltage from 100-240 VAC to 9 VDC, allowing it to be used anywhere around the world.

Built to stand the rigors of the road, the Power-All features professional-grade construction and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The PA-9D Power-All Deluxe Kit comes complete with:

• Power-All 9 VDC, 2000 milliamp digital power supply
• Cable-11/R 11-lead right-angle Daisy Chain with spring-loaded jacks
• (1) Cable-Blue/R right-angle 3.5 mm Phone Plug Jumper Cable for use with EH and other vintage pedals
• (1) Cable-Green Line-6 Jumper Cable with spring loaded jack for use with Line 6 Modelers and other pedals requiring a 2.5 mm internal diameter jack
• (1) Cable-Green/R right-angle Line-6 Jumper Cable
• (1) Cable-Grey Battery Clip Jumper Cable for pedals with no AC input
• (1) Cable-Red/R right-angle Reverse Polarity Jumper Cable with spring-loaded jack (5) Cable Cap insulator sheaths to cover power leads when not in use

For more info on the Godlyke Power-All PA-9D Deluxe Kit, or our other Power-All brand products, please visit www.godlyke.com or call us toll free 866-246-3595 (international dial 973-777-7477).