Gnarls Barkley #1 on iTunes!

Gnarls  Barkley, the visionary partnership of artist/producer Danger Mouse and singer  Cee-Lo, reached #1 on the iTunes download chart with their new LP The Odd Couple in its first week of digital release. This is a remarkable triumph,  considering that it was a short sales week, and that The Odd Couple’s release  date was pushed forward on short notice.
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Three tracks from The Odd Couple have also cracked the iTunes chart individually: “Run,” “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul,” and “Going On.” They join the two-year-old phenomenon “Crazy,” which is still in the Top 100.

According to a spokesperson at, the song ‘Going On’ was never expected to chart and was not contemplated as a single in the U.S. “It’s amazing that ‘Going On’ sold more copies last week than all other Gnarls songs on the chart combined. Clearly that song is striking a note with people.”

The Odd Couple appears in US retail outlets on Tuesday, March 25. The UK release date is March 31, Other international dates will be announced shortly.

Gnarls has always found success through digital channels. Their 2006 hit “Crazy” became the first song to reach #1 on the UK pop charts through downloads alone.