Gig-Fx Releases the Chopper Modulation Pedal

Gig-Fx announced that the Chopper has been released for general sale throughout North America and Europe.

The Chopper is a modulator pedal that provides stereo versions of some classic effects as well as unique new sounds never before available in a single pedal ranging from ambience to trance to funky to pounding metal. The Chopper can create the ambience of a delay without the encumbrance of a repeated note and it can reproduce the chopped organ sound found on the intro to the Who song 'You Won't Get Fooled Again' (otherwise called Baba O'Riley). It also offers a foot-controlled rotating speaker effect.

The Chopper works by employing two independently adjustable oscillators. A square wave oscillator with an adjustable on-off ratio (duty-cycle) produces a range of sound effects from 'on-off' chops to echo-like repeats (but does not repeat any note). The second oscillator produces tremolo, a stereo auto-pan and a stereo rotating cabinet emulator. Combining the two waves creates a whole new class of modulation effects including a delay emulator. The modulation rates can be pre-set or adjusted on the fly by means of the patented optically linked foot pedal, making it easy to hit the desired tempo or to provide captivating intro / outro effects.

The Chopper adds totally new dimensions when used in stereo. In stereo, when one side is off, the other side is on, so the signal bounces or slowly pans back and forth across the sound stage. When you select either of the combination modes (called the Blend or Shake), In mono, you hear the two waves beating against each other; in stereo, you here rhythmic pulses flying across the room or chops slowly panning from left to right.

All gig-fx pedals are made from lightweight aircraft aluminum castings and feature a true analog signal path.

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