Gibson Traveling Guitar Exhibit Makes Sweetwater Stop

While Sweetwater employees are accustomed to multiple guitar, keyboard, and music technology manufacturers visiting the Fort Wayne retailer on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, it''s not often those manufacturers bring their very own 40-foot showroom on wheels with them! That’s what guitar maker Gibson did recently. The company’s Custom Shop Traveling Exhibit made a stop at Sweetwater to display some of the most impressive Gibson guitars ever made.

The traveling exhibit was just one of an intensive series of Gibson product training sessions designed to give Sweetwater Sales Engineers in-depth knowledge of the entire Gibson family of guitars, basses, amplifiers, and accessories. Sweetwater was named a Gibson preferred online retailer in October and now lists hundreds of pieces of Gibson gear on its website at

“This display is a guitar fanatic’s dream,” said Sweetwater founder and President Chuck Surack. “But most importantly, it gives our Sales Engineers the opportunity to have hands-on experience with all these great guitars, and to ask the kind of in-depth questions that only Gibson experts can answer.” The Custom Shop Traveling Exhibit featured over 40 guitars including Gibson Custom Collection and Historic Collection guitars, as well as one-of-a-kind and limited edition instruments.

Earlier in October and November Gibson representatives conducted additional day-long training sessions at Sweetwater on Gibson Montana acoustic guitars, Epiphone instruments, and Gibson Labs amplifiers. “We’re proud to be associated with one of the foremost guitar makers in the world, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the high level of product knowledge they’ve come to expect any time they call or visit our website,” Surack added.

Sweetwater’s unique online Guitar Gallery allows Internet shoppers to view photos of actual in-stock Gibson guitars and instruments. The website offers close-up body photos and full front and back views, plus detail shots of special wood grains and other unique features. Buyers can inspect in-depth the exact guitar they’re considering. “This approach removes the uncertainty from buying a guitar from an online retailer,” said Surack. “Shoppers are able to pick the actual guitar we ship to them. If they prefer one specific guitar’s flame pattern, for example, they can choose that very instrument.” The website is located at