Gibson Signature Artist Larry Carlton Gives a Master Class in London

Gibson Signature artist Larry Carlton — or Mr.335, as he is known — gave a special blues-focused master class to a capacity audience at the Bedford Arms in London. The event was hosted by the Guitar Institute, Gibson Guitar and Guitar Getaways. Larry performed with a Limited Edition Gibson 50th Anniversary ES-335 throughout the master class, which saw audience members and Guitar Institute students jam on stage with him.
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Grammy award winner Larry Carlton is one of the world's most important contemporary blues players, and is best known among guitarists for his work during the 1970's and 1980's with the Crusaders and Steely Dan. He combined his universally acclaimed involvement with these bands with a prolific and prestigious session and solo career. His blues/jazz hybrid riffs and improvised lines are some of the most distinctive in the world of guitar. Carlton is currently on a mini tour around Europe.

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